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Eastwind Develops Trigger Platform

22 august 2017
Meet a new universal real-time marketing tool for Telcos! Eastwind Event Processing platform can track subscriber actions, identify meaningful events and responds to them instantly by sending offers where and when they are most relevant.
To create our new product, we have analyzed the market specifics and the needs of operators. Today’s telecoms try to leverage VAS services designed to ensure subscribers’ ARPU growth. In the situation of information overload, however, bulk advertising has ceased to yield good results – instead it often arrives at a wrong time or place, destined to be ignored. The solution lies in micro segmenting, audience targeting, and finding the unique personalized offer for each customer. Two conditions must be in place for advertising to work for the operator and not against it: the operator must offer only the services the subscribers need, only when the subscribers are willing to activate them. You don’t need a crystal ball now to find these conditions. Our Event Processing platform will track down the right recipients by their network activities, detect the right moment for messages to be sent, and push your marketing campaign efficiency to a new level.
Any operator can use the system; the only requirements are data flows to be analyzed and the operator’s desire to make customer relations more precise and personal.

What It Can Look Like

  • A subscirber’s account balance falls below 10% of average, yet the subscriber is hesitant to top up their account? Offer Trusted Payment or Collect Call.
  • A customer has just walked past the operator’s sales office? Send a message that you are near and would like to offer a free coffee.
  • A subscriber has been in a roaming zone for three days without making so much as one call? Offer an attractive package of minutes so they can stay in touch with home. 

How It Works

Every day, subscribers generate countless network events, from calls and internet access to traveling between cells. The operator’s systems will register these actions in special files. Our solution will collect information from all those sources, convert it into a single format, analyze it and send command to the campaign manager. All the described operations will take the platform less time than you needed to read this passage.
Event Processing settings are introduced in the form of flow charts via a graphical interface. A user has access to over 50 tools, from data sources and event counters to message delivery means; they all can be activated simply by dragging a respective diagram block to the work field. Triggers and event processing rules are set using Visual Basic, which majority of IT specialists are familiar with. This is another advantage of our solution over, say, SAS where a user has to learn a new dedicated language. 
When we supply the system to an operator, we also develop and provide schemes for specific cases. Further, the operator will be limited only by its own imagination in the designing and launching any possible event processing logics and responses.
The trigger platform makes customer relations efficient for the both sides. The operator gets a larger response to its ads, whereas the customer receives relevant offers. This friendly type of business is meant to improve customer trust, not simply generate more APRU, and that reduces subscriber’s tendency to churn.  
”The system analyzes and interprets events in near real time, – says Evgeny Boykachev, product manager at Eastwind.The flow charts of the graphical interface allow you to build large-scale multilayer scenarios which with enough capacity can be execute in split seconds.”
Technically, our trigger platform can work in any companies where real time-event detection and processing of big data volumes is required. But this is a topic for another story.

How to Yield Maximum Effect

Event Processing can be integrated with any analytical systems and message routing platforms. Eastwind can supply the product separately or as part of Mobile Marketing Platform. The complex solution also includes the intelligent data analysis tool Social Analytics and marketing campaign management system AdTarget. The trigger platform has made Eastwind Mobile Marketing Platform a turn-key solution for telecoms marketing. A single product to cover all the most urgent tasks of a Telco business such as efficient operation of the existing HLR and finding new ways to monetize data. With Eastwind MMP, an operator can run campaigns for its own needs or for partner companies. Making personalized offer at the right time has become so easy.
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