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Beeline Kirgizia Chooses Eastwind

18 june 2015
The leader of Kyrgyzstan’s telecommunications market, Beeline has finalized its tender for the supply of the WelcomeSMS/BonVoyage system. Eastwind has been announced winner.

Beeline had initiated the tender with a roaming service in mind that would be more intuitive and transparent for users. According to the operator’s requirements, WelcomeSMS/BonVoyage was to detect user registrations outside the home network and arrival of roamers in Beeline’s own coverage area. Upon registration, users were to receive useful information about the host network to help them navigate and activate the necessary services, use available offers, discounts, etc.

The deployment option suggested by Eastwind met all the tender conditions and allowed for the traditional roaming greeting to be turned into a full-fledged service which would be attractive for subscribers and efficient for the operator.

Information can be delivered via SMS or USSD. The operator can set flexible delivery scenarios, send greetings in the visitor’s native language, and incorporate dynamically generated content (exchange rates, weather forecasts, info on services offered by the operator or its partners). If subscribers are interested in the information, they can continue using the service – the system’s interactive tools enable the operator to offer the full-scale servicing to roaming subscribers.

Eastwind WelcomeSMS/BonVoyage will enhance Beeline’s toolbox to work with roamers, improve customer service standards and allow the operator to provide users with valuable services.
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