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CJSC Eastwind Policy for User Data Collection and Processing
1. This policy describes the rules that CJSC Eastwind (the Company) adheres to when handling user information disclosed to the Company when users visit the www.eastwind.ru website (the Website). 

2. The rules shall apply only to users of the Company's Website. 

3. We collect the following personal data of users: 
- each form of application for the Company's products requires stating of the user's name, telephone number, email address, and company name. This data helps us to contact the visitor of the Website and process their application in the most personalized way possible, selecting the most relevant software solution with the specifics of the user’s company in mind.
- we use the form of subscription for Company’s news and blog articles to request the username and email address. This data allows us to mail the news and articles of the Company for which the Website user has given his consent.
3.1. We do not transfer the personal data of the Website users to external companies or third parties, except as provided for in section 8 of this document.
3.2. We store data on servers located in the Russian Federation.
3.3. We collect and process personal data in strict accordance with the purposes of data collection and processing, until the termination of the Company's activities.
3.4. Should the Company be liquidated, or should the User withdraw the Consent to collecting and processing of their personal data, we shall immediately destroy the collected data by formatting the servers and electronic media.
3.5. Users can revoke their consent to the collection and processing of personal data at any time by submitting a written application to the Company.
4. We inform the user that the Website uses the analytic systems Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics. These systems collect impersonal statistics about the Website visitors. The Company may use this information:

- For a better understanding of the needs and preferences of visitors to the Website;
- For more intuitive and convenient presentation of information about the Company and its products;
- To improve and personalize the Website users’ experience.
5. Some Website pages use cookies and other tracking technologies for research and analytical purposes. Most browsers allow the user to control the use of tokens of hits, including agreeing to or rejecting them, and also suggest ways to remove them. Tracking technologies can capture information such as: 

- Internet domain and host name; IP address;
- type of browser and operating system;
- sequence of referrals;
- date and time of access to the Website;
- precise location data, including in real time: geo positioning of the computer or device.

The use of hit tokens and other tracking technologies allows the Company to improve the quality and convenience of users' experience on the Internet. If the user visits the Website without first disabling cookies in the browser settings, they automatically give the Company a fee for collecting the above information.
6. A user can visit the Site without reporting any information about himself, but in this case, the user may not be able to access certain sections of the Website (offers and materials for which provision of contact details is necessary). 

7. The Company shall take reasonable and necessary measures to protect information from unauthorized access and disclosure.

8. The Company does not exclude situations that require the disclosure of electronically transmitted user data to third parties, but only for the purposes specified in Section 3 of this document.

9. By using the Website, the user agrees with the terms of the Company's Policy for the protection of electronically transmitted user data and allows the Company to process this data for the mentioned purposes, including as stated in Section 8 of this document.

10. By using the forms of application for a product and by subscribing to the Company's mailings, the user gives  consent to the processing of personal data.

11. If the user data protection Policy changes, we will take all necessary steps to ensure that these changes are communicated to users by posting them in prominent places on the Website within a reasonable period of time.