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of all types of data in real time

The system dynamically limits the amount of services available for subscribers depending on the level of their account balances - this prevents subscribers’ debt and helps the operator to retain its revenues.

A flexible and scalable solution factors in the many call parameters and subscriber attributes. It supports multi-option structure of rates and various combinations of discounts.

Functional Capabilities

    1. Online rating over CAMEL, DIAMETER and PPS (SMPP)
    2. Offline rating based on xDR data
    3. Rating of one-time and periodic services
    4. Discounts and modifiers
    5. Re-rating of services
    6. Guaranteed rating of all events

Online Charging System performance figures



Up to 2000 tps/s

Speed of online rating at each node of Charging


Up to 2500 CDR/s

Speed of offline rating at each node of Charging



of online calls are responded by Charging over 100 ms


Key Benefits

High Performance

The system can handle subscriber bases with up to 25,000 thousand subscribers

The system is highly dependable. The reliability factor is 99.995%. The fault tolerance is enabled by data caching and back-up of each node.

Horizontal scalability allows the system to increase capacity by simple adding of Charging nodes. Each Charging instance can handle queries from any source, which allows for balanced load on the instances.

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