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Eastwind Optimal Routing

A platform to optimize
call routing

for guest subscribers who roam in the telecoms
operator’s network and make calls inside
the operator’s network without long-distance
and international call processing points.

Local calls of guest subscribers are processed
within the operator’s network only.

Benefits for the Operator

1. Lower cost of roaming call processing in case of successful calls made using the platform – to ensure higher profit margin.
2. Shorter time to reach the roaming subscriber.
3. Higher voice call quality for the roaming subscriber. With the standard processing scheme, the roaming subscriber’s call goes through multiple hops and not all of them provide the adequate service level. With Optimal Routing, the voice call quality will be intra-network level.
4. Delay in transmission of roaming subscriber voice will be reduced to the intra-network level – actual delay can be as small as 0 seconds.


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