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Formula Eastwind

The main event for our customers and partners

to discuss the current state of the telecom industry and pinpoint prospective areas for successful business development.
This is the most important part of customer relations.


Our customers are our main achievement over the years of work.
We hope to be more than a vendor;
We hope to be a good partner and a friend.
Being closer to you and working side by side - this is what Formula Eastwind is all about.


History & Facts

The history of Formula Eastwind began in 2004, when we hosted our first user conference in Ekaterinburg. Over the last 9 years, the event has never failed to attract the leading players in the telecom market. For several days, the event will become a site to network on the most urgent issues of the technology and business.

The three pillars of the event are immersing the users in the latest telecom trends, intense networking between the industry’s professionals, and creating a comfortable environment for productive dialog and partnership. The idea to bring all stakeholders into one team of partners and friends has found its way to the event logo and motto: EW=WE.

The first conferences were held in the regions where our customers worked: the operators got a chance to participate in a new format, to show their unique expertise and achievements. Group consultations, live networking and negotiations helped the operators to find the best solutions to any types of problems.
In 2011, we changed the focus making the emphasis on innovative presentations, business cases, successful experience and results shared in person, in the atmosphere of understanding and confidence, with the warm sea and hot sun. We created a truly interactive space for comfortable communication with a dedicated website, mobile app, and demo zones.
We have held 9 events in 6 countries so far, and we are not planning to stop. Today, we are working out a new format for the conference. We would like to surprise you and make our time together full of unique new knowledge, experience and ideas. Stay tuned!

A brilliant idea
and top-notch


Formula Eastwind 2013

IX International Conference
Thailand, November 10-17

28 telecom operators from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Tajikistan,
Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Cambodia.

The highest level of customer-focused event: the participants
assessed their satisfaction with the business program
as 4.93 out of 5.

New opportunities: interactive online support with a dedicated
mobile app, interactive session and demonstrations of products
with specialized promo-offers for operators.

Presentations of new products: a platform for subscriber
base targeting.

Eastwind Social Analytics and an online marketing platform.

Formula Eastwind 2012-2011

  • Formula Eastwind 2012


    VIII Международная конференция
    Nha Trang, Vietnam, October 14-21

    20+ leading telecom companies from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine

    Mainsteams: the mobile market trends and operator development strategies, prospects for services based on NFC and M2M, cloud services, mobile advertising and mobile commerce ideas, and new possibilities in subscriber analysis.

    The conference featured specialized demo zones to test the new version of billing system, USSD Navigator and the AdTarget platform designed for running advertising campaigns.


Formula Eastwind 2010

  • Formula Eastwind 2010

    VI International Conference
    Astrakhan, Russia, August 16-20

    The main theme was the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Eastwind’s collaboration with Astrakhan GSM, one the Russia’s first GSM operators. The event featured the first presentation of the new product, the mobile advertising platform EW AdTarget.

    The entertainment program included a fishing tournament, a boating trip along the Volga’s lotus fields, crayfish snacks, and a sightseeing tour around Astrakhan.

Organization team

Yana Deryabina

Chief of Marketing

In charge of event marketing and marketing communications.
Creating business programs for user groups and coordinating presentations and speeches since 2010.

Contact us if you want to learn about the coming event, suggest a place to hold an event, or share meaningful topics for discussion.

Phone: +7 343 336 77 49
Cell: +7 902 254 50 64

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