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Formula Eastwind 2013

IX International User Conference
Phuket, Thailand, November

What the mobile future is going to be like, and how to make our business successful?
The conference guests - top managers, heads of departments and key experts from 28 telecom companies - gathered to find the right answers to these questions.
Thank you for the success we have achieved together! See you soon!


Figures & Facts

The guests assessed the event’s business program as the most interesting so far, and their satisfaction index pointed at 4.93 out of 5.
We presented 3 new products and demonstrated the new possibilities of our already popular solutions.
The guests found the presentation of our new product Eastwind Social Analytics the most interesting report of the conference.
One of the most intensely discussed topics was mobile applications which are gaining ever wider popularity with users.
Interactive online support of the conference.

Main topics and headlines

  • Think big... Think bigger...

    One day from the mobile telecoms future. Main trends and players that are revolutionizing the business. Who is raiding the telecoms? How to capitalize on innovation and continue to grow? The latest and biggest APPortunities in the market. Hunters for subscribers. Knowledge and connections are the key. Open demo session showing the capabilities of subscriber behavior analysis.

Customers speak: Awesome! Unbelievable! Enchantée!


friendly, intuitive, good quality, informative. Thanks to your entire team for the warm atmosphere and interesting conference! I believe it will get even greater further on.

NUR Telecom
A brilliant idea

and a top-notch implementation for the formal and, more importantly, informal networking between operators, Eastwind and equipment vendors. And first and foremost, a great opportunity to communicate with the operators. Outstanding!

You have lived up to the expectations

I’ve heard a lot about this conference. I’m glad I had the chance to attend. The conference has justified its reputation. Thank you for the scale. This was cool! Loads of interesting information. The right place and time. I liked the people - both the organizers and the attendees. They all are pleasant, smart and creative people.


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