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Formula Eastwind 2012

VII International User Conference
Nha Trang, Vietnam, October

Twenty leading telecom operators, three days of event-packed business program, fascinating sightseeing, and exciting adventures - all that makes our business and our relations with customers unique, brilliant and trust-based.


Figures & Facts


New tidbits of 2012

- Special demo zones where attendees could test-drive the products presented,
interactive info portal to introduce the participants, announce the program features, and notify of the schedule,
- Mobile app to publish the freshest information - important news, photo reports, and the program’s highlights, where the quests could leave comments and questions to the speakers,
- Special team building program.

New format: the conference has turned into a networking club for Telco representatives.
The guests gave high marks to the organization and management - 4.95 out of 5.


Main topics and headlines

  • Mobile trends.
    Strategies and opportunities for operators in the changing world

    A snapshot of the mobile future. Key trends and technologies fro the next 5 years.
    Must-have strategies for further growth in the telecoms.
    ​What keys to press if you want to create a must-have strategy?
    New partnerships and joint efforts.

Customers speak: Everything is very colorful and catchy!

An excellent event

The organization is superb. An interesting venue. The business program and informal activities are good and helpful. High competencies of Eastwind’s specialists. The organizers have managed to create the atmosphere of friendliness, mutual understanding and synergy.

This was a dream

In short – this was a dream! An outstanding level of preparation and delivery of information: not boring, interesting, relevant, nothing in excess. Everything was so good and interesting that we feel the well-anticipated sadness on the parting day. It’s a pity it’s over.

Very helpful

The high level of presentations, the products and services a truly new, and the attendees are superb: many operators of different standards, different countries, different levels of development, with different needs and experience.

It’s interesting to know

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