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Formula Eastwind 2011

VII International User Conference
Turkey, October

Unique opportunities for networking in a friendly atmosphere, sharing ideas and discussing the most urgent
professional problems on a high level of expertise. 15 mobile operators working in different standards,
representing different geographic regions, and having different experience of work with subscribers.


Figures & Facts

- The first event to take everybody out to a sunny country on the shore of the glorious Mediterranean Sea.
- The first event to introduce our new brand, new face and new philosophy, reflected in our motto “Move to Improve”.
- The first event where counted exactly how our guests were satisfied with the program. The first result - 4.58 out of 5. The guests especially mentioned the well prepared presentations and reports.

Main topics and headlines

  • ​Familiar services - new revenues

    Business models in the world of mobile technologies: everyone is looking for a place in the sun
    Infinite resources of SMS Center. How to gain new revenues from a standard service?

    ​USSD Navigator. Revealing the secrets of successful self-care.
    Platform to manage mobile contacts: 4 values in one!

Customers speak. Suddenly outstanding. Super!


I liked the atmosphere. Minimum formalities, presentations which are very to-the-point, the bright-eyed Eastwind employees, the perfect format of the business part.


Thank you for the informative speeches. The conference has been very interesting in terms of opportunities to find potential partners.


I would like to mention the high level of the event. This goes equally for the well-prepared and organized business part, and the pleasure we got from the basic human interaction. The company managed to find topics to speak about which concerned today’s important trends in the telecoms market, and were not only interesting but could involve everybody in a lively discussion.

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