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31 may 2019
Eastwind at DUMP-2019
For nine hours, the Yekaterinburg EXPO Center became a high-tech microcosm.
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27 july 2018
300 people have found their Game of Thrones matching character at INNOPROM 2018
Eastwind has presented its machine learning and data science solutions at the international exhibition.
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3 july 2018
Eastwind to Present Smart Solutions for the State at INNOPROM-2018
And to find out which GoT characters the international exhibition attendees look like.
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21 june 2018
Eastwind Develops DataFlow Module
Data scientists will be able to work with analytical models directly on the Hadoop cluster.
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14 march 2018
Eastwind at Mobile World Congress 2018: Results, Trends and New Ideas
Technologies that only recently were contemplated in the context of the future have become our present. Eastwind team that visited the congress describe how the world and telecom are changing in this regard.
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26 february 2018
Hello, Barcelona: Eastwind at MWC 2018
Mobile World Congress 2018, the central annual event in the telecom industry, officially started on February 26. Live from Barcelona, team Eastwind is reporting on who have come to the event this year and what key themes have already been announced.
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22 february 2018
Eastwind Attends Supplier Day of Veon Group in Astana
Local Day of Supplier" hosted by Beeline Kazakhstan was held on February 7 in Astana. The operator’s partners and representatives of Veon HQ in Amsterdam and Kiev gathered to discuss ways of cooperative development amid the current market transformation.
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12 february 2018
Eastwind supplied campaign manager в TMCELL
AdTarget platform is designed to automate the planning, setting up and conducting of promo campaigns. The operator can segment the subscriber base by multiple targeting parameters, and increase the efficiency and speed of mailings.
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24 january 2018
Future technologies are here: Meet us at MWC 2018
Barcelona, Spain, will host Mobile World Congress 2018 on February 26 - March 1. This year, telecom industry leaders are meeting under the slogan "Creating a better future". Eastwind will participate and present its flagship solutions in targeted marketing and mobile ecosystems. 
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16 january 2018
Eastwind presents National Messenger project for Uzbekistan
The company’s executives presented the platform, which was originally intended for messaging, and demonstrated how it can become the key element and backbone of the country's digital economy. 
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13 december 2017
TMCELL will use Eastwind QSA to monitor the quality of its services
The Quality Service Availability system tests the telecom operator’s services by imitating the actions of a regular subscriber. In other words, the platform bot calls, texts, orders services and goes online. The tests will allow TMCELL to identify internal errors in its network and correct them at an early stage. 
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16 november 2017
Marketing in Real Time: Beeline Kazakhstan Deploys Eastwind’s Platform
EW Event Processing logs online subscriber events and helps the operator to respond immediately, by sending promos of services a specific user needs at a specific moment.
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