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The hidden
opportunities of
Subscriber SMS Center+

How to gain
new revenues
from a standard service?

Assess the benefits

Additional revenues

Increase your ARPU through more intensive subscriber-to-subscriber SMS traffic and VAS offers, and generate additional cash flow from the use of your SMSC by content and service providers.

Advertising opportunities

Use the SMS channel for your own ad campaigns, and offer it to external advertisers to broadcast their mobile ads.

Cost reduction

The platform can be installed as the operator’s second SMS Center. This will save your money and time for the expansion and development of the existing SMSC.

To each subscriber – their personal services


Useful SMS services for a new messaging experience.

- Protect yourself from fraud;
- use messages anywhere, any time;
- create archives and send message copies to other numbers;
- use SMS auto responder and forward messages;
- check availability of particular subscribers and individualize your messages.


Up to 7,500 messages per second

​is the traffic capability of our SMS platform

The architecture allows for performance upgrades to handle the growing traffic associated with HLR expansion, with no upgrade investment.


Multifunctional capabilities of a universal SMS Center+

1. Reception, transfer, and storage of SMS 2. Support of flash and zero SMS 3. Support of various encodings 4. Flexible setup of message handling and delivery scenarios 5. Message routing upon various criteria, depending on the pools of numbers and addresses of senders and recipients
6. Support of SS7, SIGTRAN, TCP/IP, IPv4, IPv6, DIAMETER 7. Optimized use of network resources 8. Interfacing with external service platforms to offer additional services such as SMS entertainment, SMS info services, mobile ads and broadcasts, LBS services, mobiles payments and banking, and social networks

​VAS provision


To broadcast multiple SMS to subscribers.
The module allows you to set the delivery lists, generate the text messages,
set the start time and stop time of the deliveries.

Direct message delivery

The first delivery attempt is carried out without message buffering

SMS Router

to distribute the load between several SMSC

Full system monitoring over SNMP

The monitoring of equipment performance,
KPI counter polling over SNMP-Get (with the results corresponding to
RFC format for SNMP), and graphical representation of the load


New administration

Via the web, in the standard scheme and from a local console, for wider
operation options


Want to test drive SMS Center+?

It’s interesting to know

Message Toolkit
Multichannel Router