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We Are Eastwind

One of Russia’s leading developers and suppliers of software for telecom operators.

We started way back in 1997, when mobile telecommunications were only emerging. We have been working with Telcos for 20 years, and we know all the ins and outs of the business. We have accumulated invaluable experience and competencies in the sphere of OSS/BSS, Messaging and VAS, data aggregation and analysis.

Today, we continue creating products and collaborating with telecoms in many countries to help them improve the experience of their subscribers in the new competitive reality and amid the shrinking revenues from traditional voice services.


We don’t stand still.
We move forward.
New goals and new aspirations.
A fresh outlook and an urge to improve.

We have a vision to follow.
We are focused on innovative projects in Big Data and Targeted Marketing, mobile and web-based apps.
We have reinvented our portfolio to include efficient marketing solutions and mobile services.
We push the envelope and enter new markets such as banking and retail, offering unique products and competencies in areas bordering on the telecoms.

​Figures & Facts


20 years in the IT market
Over 150 completed projects in 9 countries
60+ subscribers using Eastwind products
3+ products for telecoms operators
Over 250 employees


Competencies and expertise

Development and support of HighLoad class systems.
Expertise in the sphere of billing and payment systems, as well as systems for rating, aggregation and analysis of data.
Solving business tasks using state-of-the-art methods to analyze Big Data.
Expertise in complex integration and industrial solutions.
Best practices of work performance guaranteeing high quality, in specified time, and within the agreed budget.
A wide range of development tool technologies.
Creating native branded mobile apps for operators.
Design and UX: working out prototypes and user cases.
Solution as a service: cloud-based technologies.
High quality and performance of systems: solutions are available 99.998% of time.


Services and Consulting

We provide the full cycle of installation and support services - preliminary studies and auditing, development of technical design, supply and implementation, testing, training and consulting, integration, and technical support on any level.

Why Eastwind?

  • The Focus on the Customer

    First off, we usually ask ourselves the question ‘why does the operator need Big Data?’ and give an answer.
    We are exclusively oriented on the customer’s needs and requirements.
    We customize our products and adapt them to the context of each specific project
    We guarantee long-term partnership
    We create business cases to justify expenditure
    We comply to the conditions of the SLA level



11 august 2017
Eastwind Billing System successfully certified
Our billing system has acquired a compliance certificate. The document means that the software complies with all the technical requirements of the RF Ministry of Telecommunications, and is capable of covering up to 25 million subscribers. 
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1 august 2017
Only Wanted Calls: Call Filtering by Eastwind Works at Beeline Kazakhstan
We have implemented our call and message filtering solution in the network of Beeline Kazakhstan. With this service, Kazakhstan subscribers now can create up to four groups of contacts, and black-list or white-list incoming and outgoing calls and text. 
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27 july 2017
Scoring Case Forum 2017 Looks at Borrower Evaluation Trends and Banking Life Hacks
July 5, analysts and financial businesses from micro-loan companies to the largest banks met in Deworkacy business space in Moscow. The forum was dedicated to new Big Data technologies –unconventional scoring methods that 
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Main contacts

20A Lukinykh St., 620039, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Telephone: +7 (343) 336-77-00
Fax: +7 (343) 336-77-36
General inquiries: info@eastwind.ru
Requests and bids: tender@eastwind.ru
Commercial department: sales@eastwind.ru
Vacancies: job@eastwind.ru


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