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Eastwind specialist
becomes a juror
at International

September 28-29, 2016, Ariel University in Israel hosted
the superfinals of International Mathematical Olympiad.
Our company’s employee Andrey Plyushchenko not only
accompanied the team of Ekaterinburg students but became
part of the jury.
The Olympiad had started in December 2015, and involved several
online stages. Out of the 6,000 young mathematicians from around
the world, only about a hundred people from Russia, CIS, Eastern
Europe and Israel had made it to the finals.
The Ural University (Ekaterinburg) was represented by Alexander
Shirokov and Pavel Mayevskikh (Department of Physics and Technology)
and Anton Lipin (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science)
who are trained by Andrey Plyushchenko, our talented developer
and mathematician.
All the contestants from Ekaterinburg finished at the prize places,
with Anton Lipin winning a first degree diploma and the gold medal,
making it to the four absolute best.


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Eastwind is one of Russia’s leading developers and suppliers of software for telecom operators. The Company’s priority is the development, implementation and support of hi-tech products, effective tools to automate telecoms businesses of various profiles.
Eastwind was established in 1997 in Ekaterinburg. Over 20 years, the company has carried out over 150 installations for mobile and fixed operators and service providers. Eastwind’s solutions are operating in Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Uzbekistan and Cambodia, covering > 60 million subscribers.

Today, our focus is on innovative projects in Big Data and Targeted Marketing, mobile and web-based apps. We push the envelope and enter new markets such as banking and retail, offering unique products and competencies in areas bordering on telecoms.


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12 february 2018
Eastwind supplied campaign manager в TMCELL
AdTarget platform is designed to automate the planning, setting up and conducting of promo campaigns. The operator can segment the subscriber base by multiple targeting parameters, and increase the efficiency and speed of mailings.
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24 january 2018
Future technologies are here: Meet us at MWC 2018
Barcelona, Spain, will host Mobile World Congress 2018 on February 26 - March 1. This year, telecom industry leaders are meeting under the slogan "Creating a better future". Eastwind will participate and present its flagship solutions in targeted marketing and mobile ecosystems. 
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16 january 2018
Eastwind presents National Messenger project for Uzbekistan
The company’s executives presented the platform, which was originally intended for messaging, and demonstrated how it can become the key element and backbone of the country's digital economy. 
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13 december 2017
TMCELL will use Eastwind QSA to monitor the quality of its services
The Quality Service Availability system tests the telecom operator’s services by imitating the actions of a regular subscriber. In other words, the platform bot calls, texts, orders services and goes online. The tests will allow TMCELL to identify internal errors in its network and correct them at an early stage. 
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16 november 2017
Marketing in Real Time: Beeline Kazakhstan Deploys Eastwind’s Platform
EW Event Processing logs online subscriber events and helps the operator to respond immediately, by sending promos of services a specific user needs at a specific moment.
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27 october 2017
Eastwind will supply VCS to Beeline Kazakhstan
VAS Creation Stack platform will enable one of the largest Kazakh operators to create and launch new VAS for its subscribers without involving vendors. What used to take months will now be possible in a matter of weeks. Product support will also become simpler, thanks to a single management interface
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