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Technologies of Future:
Eastwind at MWC 2018

On February 26 - March 1, Barcelona hosted Mobile World Congress 2018.
This year, the leaders of the world's telecom industry were brought
together by the “Creating a Better Future” theme. Eastwind attended
the congress and presented its flagship solutions.
Eastwind products reflected the customer care trend in telecoms.
Our solutions Mobile Marketing Platform and Polyphone Universe
help operators to fine tune individualized communications
with the user, protecting their data.
Eastwind Mobile Marketing Platform: A Target Marketing Lab
Using big data, real-time and omnichannel technologies,
the platform can make the interaction with subscribers more accurate,
timely and effective than ever before. MMP automates the operator's
marketing processes to yield double benefit –it improves
advertising conversion and reduces the company’s internal expenditure.
Eastwind Polyphone: A Messenger as a Mobile Ecosystem
ОТТ services have long outgrown the niche of apps for Internet calls
and texting. The messenger’s basic functionality now is ‘blank page’
to which the operator can add color to create a full-scale social platform
for user data aggregation and unlimited monetization.
Such systems allow people to navigate through the sea of information;
they also enable the telecoms to find a way to personalization
at the same time ensuring economy of resources.

​For the Press

Eastwind is one of Russia’s leading developers and suppliers of software for telecom operators. The Company’s priority is the development, implementation and support of hi-tech products, effective tools to automate telecoms businesses of various profiles.
Eastwind was established in 1997 in Ekaterinburg. Over 20 years, the company has carried out over 150 installations for mobile and fixed operators and service providers. Eastwind’s solutions are operating in Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Uzbekistan and Cambodia, covering > 60 million subscribers.

Today, our focus is on innovative projects in Big Data and Targeted Marketing, mobile and web-based apps. We push the envelope and enter new markets such as banking and retail, offering unique products and competencies in areas bordering on telecoms.


We welcome communication and collaboration.

We adhere to transparency in our media relations and provide the press with uncompromisingly reliable and verified information. We publish press-releases regularly to tell about our new products, events and projects. Every year, we take part in conferences in Russia and abroad, and engage in long-term sponsorship of a number of events.

​If you would like to receive more information, a comment or an expert opinion, invite us to a conference or exhibition, publish our materials in a catalog or project - do not hesitate to contact our PR department at



14 march 2018
Eastwind at Mobile World Congress 2018: Results, Trends and New Ideas
Technologies that only recently were contemplated in the context of the future have become our present. Eastwind team that visited the congress describe how the world and telecom are changing in this regard.
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26 february 2018
Hello, Barcelona: Eastwind at MWC 2018
Mobile World Congress 2018, the central annual event in the telecom industry, officially started on February 26. Live from Barcelona, team Eastwind is reporting on who have come to the event this year and what key themes have already been announced.
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22 february 2018
Eastwind Attends Supplier Day of Veon Group in Astana
Local Day of Supplier" hosted by Beeline Kazakhstan was held on February 7 in Astana. The operator’s partners and representatives of Veon HQ in Amsterdam and Kiev gathered to discuss ways of cooperative development amid the current market transformation.
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12 february 2018
Eastwind supplied campaign manager в TMCELL
AdTarget platform is designed to automate the planning, setting up and conducting of promo campaigns. The operator can segment the subscriber base by multiple targeting parameters, and increase the efficiency and speed of mailings.
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24 january 2018
Future technologies are here: Meet us at MWC 2018
Barcelona, Spain, will host Mobile World Congress 2018 on February 26 - March 1. This year, telecom industry leaders are meeting under the slogan "Creating a better future". Eastwind will participate and present its flagship solutions in targeted marketing and mobile ecosystems. 
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16 january 2018
Eastwind presents National Messenger project for Uzbekistan
The company’s executives presented the platform, which was originally intended for messaging, and demonstrated how it can become the key element and backbone of the country's digital economy. 
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