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​Effective real-time
marketing tool


Why do you need Event Processing?

Response Rate up
2-5 times

Conversion of proposals up to 40%

Revenue from services up
2-4 times




Event Processing analyses user actions in real time - by their calls, internet activity, geo movements, balance changes, and other events. The system automatically commands to send relevant offers at the right moment.

Respond instantly, target accurately, and run efficient marketing campaigns.

How to increase ARPU through
external VAS?


CASE: promotion of Yandex.Music service in Beeline Kazakhstan.
GOAL: to increase the number of paid subscribers of the service.
CONDITIONS: counter of regular mobile traffic use, segmenting by revenues.
TRIGGER: all conditions are met.
RESULT: 340 000 new subscriber over the 6 campaigning months.
Total conversion of responses is 5% - and 40% via the interactive channel.

Key advantages

Maximum flexibility of scenarios

▪ A GUI to define involved logic in flow charts

▪ Drag and Drop

▪ Flexible configuration of over 50 ready components

▪ Creating triggers of any complexity
Easy and simple internal work in the system

▪ Automated bug search in scenarios

▪ The system will not allow running invalid schemes

▪ Easy to add new data sources - text files, directories, external systems

▪ Wide possibilities to experiment with case conditions
No CMS needed for marketing campaigns

▪ Prepare your marketing offers directly in the Case Designer

▪ Save texts and templates of adverts

▪ Create and send SMS, USSD and DSTK
As a standalone product
▪ Real-time event processing and analysis
▪ Flexible configuration of triggers
▪ Case Designer
▪ Support of SMS, USSD and DSTK
As part of Eastwind Mobile Marketing Platform

▪ A full-fledged Campaign Manager
▪ Friendly UI for marketers
▪ Creating targeted campaigns
▪ A system to analyze subscriber behavior
▪ Preconfigured data marts and analytical models

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